Don't let tv create your life but your life create tv!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

You are not only influenced by your own choices, friends, family, and your dog; but television is properly the source that impacts you the most. We live in a global culture where everybody seems to do the same thing! cultures are getting the same no matter if you are in scandvia, Europe, the U.S or somewhere else. we listen to the same music on MTV, watch the same movies, some tv shows, and tv series and we almost eat the same kind of food. At this moment , the whole world is getting globalize. i like the thought of "global culture" but i can see a problem, and that is that the media is becoming kind of a role model for our generation. the media influences us and tells us how to live our lives. We all have the choice not to be controlled by the media or other people who can influence us in a bad way. Try to turn off the television and internet connection and you will see how addicted you are!

Your destiny is worth far than a stupid t.v show! if you want to become a history maker, then it's your choice...